Docklands Business Forum

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The Docklands Business Forum is a volunteer association of business people and organisations committed to making the docklands a more profitable place to do business, a better place to live and a vibrant destination to visit.
Their Key Aims & Objectives are to;
Connect large corporations with small enterprises to create jobs and businesses through increased local service provision.
Promote the Docklands as a great place to visit and enjoy.
Work with our unique network of businesses, local societies, clubs and organisations to build the Docklands into an international maritime tourist destination.
Be ambassadors for the Docklands as the ideal location for businesses.
Promote, grow and celebrate the innovative enterprise culture in the Docklands.
Promote corporate responsibility through initiatives that engage the local workforce with the area.
Champion the Docklands maritime and commercial heritage (such as the Graving Docks and Camden Lock) and work to get them restored and reused for the 21st century.
For further information or membership enquiries please contact Dockland Business Forum CEO Alan Robinson at;
Docklands Business Forum, 
Centre Block, 
Docklands Innovation Park, 
128 - 130 East Wall Road, Dublin 3.
Tel | 01 480 0543
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