Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Given the economic profile of the Docklands, the potential for greater involvement of the corporate or business community is enormous. Arts and cultural events can lend vibrancy to an area, creating an environment that is stimulating, attractive, diverse and rich in cultural and social options 
Opportunities for corporate social responsibility could potentially include the hosting of cultural events, such as recitals or performances on office foyers or courtyard spaces showcasing business art collections, employee cultural volunteerism, investment in an arts and cultural fund for the area and developing a creative enterprise initiative for local young people. 
How to get involved?

Docklands Arts Fund

The Pilot Docklands Arts Fund was launched in September 2015 on behalf of Business to Arts, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority and Dublin City Council.   The pilot scheme seeks to:
1) Develop Business to Arts Partnerships and 
2) Raise funds for small grants – Pilot Phase Deadline for Applications 5pm 27th May 2016.
In May 2016 they launched the first application phase for small grants for cultural projects, following a number of Community Consultation Meetings in Dublin’s Docklands in April 2016.  Successful Grant Applications were announced in late July 2016.
Docklands Arts Fund Purpose Statement
“The purpose of the partnership between Dublin City Council, Business to Arts and Dublin Docklands is to enhance develop and grow the practice, appreciation and development of quality arts experiences in the Docklands Area. Fostering a partnership with artists, businesses, residents, educators and appropriate agencies, we support the ongoing investment in this unique area by securing new financial and other resources.” 
For guidance the boundaries of the wider docklands area commencing at the sea in Ringsend/Irishtown area along Beach Rd/Bath Ave/Grand Canal Street down Westland Row, and through Pearse Street to the South, crossing the River Liffey at Butt Bridge, around Beresford Place and then up Amiens Street to Annesley Bridge on the North of the city – flanking around to take in all of East Wall – and all the land within (all 520 ha of it!).  
The Dublin Docklands Area hosts a wide variety of businesses and organisations. It also hosts artists, important arts organisations and arts-based community activities. We are excited by the opportunity to combine resources with local companies, organisations and individuals to help develop the existing arts infrastructure, and create a new suite of innovative, ground-breaking projects.

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Docklands Community Trust

The Docklands Community Trust was set up to ensure the long term sustainability of social regeneration within the Docklands area. Investment in education is a key objective of the social regeneration programme to ensure that students in the Docklands area achieve educational success on a par with others in the Dublin City area. For more information on the Docklands Community Trust please contact contact our office 
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