Docklands Art Fund

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Docklands Arts Fund

The Pilot Docklands Arts Fund was launched in September 2015 on behalf of Business to Arts, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority and Dublin City Council.   The pilot scheme seeks to:
1) Develop Business to Arts Partnerships and 
2) Raise funds for small grants – Pilot Phase Deadline for Applications 5pm 27th May 2016.
In May 2016 they launched the first application phase for small grants for cultural projects, following a number of Community Consultation Meetings in Dublin’s Docklands in April 2016.  Successful Grant Applications were announced in late July 2016.


Kelvin Mann – ‘Semi Detached High Rise’ (2017)

Kelvin Mann was born in 1972 in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was educated at the Otago School of Fine Art, NZ. From 1994 – 1996 he was employed as an animation artist by Vidmark Television, NZ. In 1997 he moved to Dublin to become a member of Graphic Studio Dublin.

‘Semi Detached High Rise’ is an intaglio print on 34 gsm Kozo Japanese paper which is then adhered to 410 gsm Somerset paper from England using a technique called chine-collé, roughly translated from French chine, meaning tissue, and collé, meaning glued or pasted. The paper is brushed with wheat starch paste and then run through the press in contact with a dampened piece of heavier paper, resulting in what appears to be a single sheet.

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Colin Martin – ‘Vinyl Factory’ (2016)

The Docklands Arts Fund is delighted to announce the second year’s Docklands Arts Fund Print Commission with thanks to TIO, the South Docks Fund and Savills.  Artist Colin Martin made this etching, ‘Vinyl Factory’,  from his series on the Masterlabs recording studio in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands.

Colin Martin was born in 1973. He graduated in Fine Art Painting in 1994 and did a post graduate year in printmaking in 2005. He completed an MFA in NCAD in 2010. He lives and works in Dublin.

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Chris Judge – ‘Shower of Dubs’ (2015)

The award winning artist and illustrator Chris Judge created a drawing for a screen-print based on Dublin Docklands characters. You might be familiar with some of these folks, a few of which are immortalised as sculptures throughout the city.  Bram Stoker’s Dracula is is joined by a Viking, Anna Livia, Phil Lynott, and Mr Screen.

This limited edition hand-made print is available only as part of the Docklands Arts Fund, and was made at the studio of Damn Fine Print.  It is A3 in size, with a two colour, half tone process.

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The Dublin Docklands Area hosts a wide variety of businesses and organisations. It also hosts artists, important arts organisations and arts-based community activities. We are excited by the opportunity to combine resources with local companies, organisations and individuals to help develop the existing arts infrastructure, and create a new suite of innovative, ground-breaking projects.

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