Liffey Swimming Events

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Dublin City Liffey Swim

The Dublin City Liffey Swim is the oldest and most prestigious open sea race in Ireland.  Each year, the Swim, sees hundreds of competitors of all ages, abilities and nationalities taking part in one of the biggest swimming competitions in the City.  Teenagers pit their strengths against 70 year old veterans; fathers compete against their sons and mothers against their daughters with every competitor having a chance to win due to a special handicap system. The Liffey Swim always brings ripples of excitement to the many swimmers taking part in this historic event every year. Dubliners from North, South, East and West Dublin mingle together with swimmers from all over Ireland and beyond.   

Grand Dublin Swim

This event is opened to all the community, including amateurs and international professional swimmers with over 500 swimmers taking part every year.  Swimming in groups of up to 125 swimmers every hour during the event, swimmers can choose to complete either 750m or 1500m with wet or non-wet suit options.  

Docklands Sea Swim

The Docklands Swim is open to swimmers who hold a current Swim Ireland membership.  There are two races, one for men and one for women and the event is timed with electronic timing and wrist tags. 



More information on these events including how to register will be posted when available.   These events normally take place in July/August/September.

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