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Dublin Docklands Telecommunications Network

In 2016 Dublin City Council made the decision to implement an Open Access telecommunications infrastructure based on the provision of fibre optic cable to interested parties on an equal and open basis within the Dublin Docklands. After a competitive procurement process, Novegen was appointed by DCC as its Telecommunications Agent for the Docklands Network. The model provides that Fibre connectivity can be leased as per a published rate card and its aim is to make the Docklands the best place for businesses that are dependent on high quality telecommunications connectively to be based.

The Docklands network design reflects telecom operator access neutrality and dedication to freedom of choice, as demanded by today’s cost conscious market. The network is available to all, i.e. telecom operators and other interested parties, on the same basis thus promoting competition. The network design is based on duct, sub-duct and fibre connectivity. This allows us to provide cost effective and high capacity networks that are designed with future requirements very much to the fore. After the initial installation, no further disruptive civil works are required. In an environment such as the Docklands this is a real and tangible advantage. Highlights of the network include:

Cost Effective Installation - Our blown fibre platform is easier and quicker to install than conventional communications infrastructure.

Managed - Novegen manage your system by dealing directly with the service providers on your behalf. 24/7/365 support is provided in accordance with market SLAs.

Direct Connectivity - If you want to lease dark fibre to directly connect your buildings we can provide this solution for you.

Tenant Pleasing - In a campus style environment where multiple tenants occupy a high-density environment, the presence of an open access platform can also be particularly advantageous to the tenant and as well as the developer. By offering the tenant access to their service provider of choice without the need for costly and disruptive civil works to do so.

Availability - The network will be available to all operators and interested parties on the same basis. This provides competition and opportunity for all and benefits the end clients in terms of the choices they now have to make their communications decisions from.

Scalable - Fibre cable is installed in stages, as demand dictates. By only populating one duct with sub-duct initially, this allows us to spend on network growth only when it is needed and in the most cost effective manner.

Resilient - Novegen have designed the Docklands network to ensure that there are multiple points of access to the network for each of the individual developments. In this way, we can offer a fully protected solution.

High bandwidth.

Smart City -  Providing a platform to deliver scalable smart city solutions.

Future proofed.

Freedom of Choice - The freedom to choose a service provider can be a deciding factor for a corporate company when choosing where to set up their operation. Combine this with its environmental benefits, safety, security, resilience and the vast capacity our platform offers ensures the Docklands to be a true performing asset.

Carrier Grade Components - the elements being used in the network, i.e. fibre optic cable/fibre closures/ODFs/patchcords, are in accordance with the highest international standards.

The Docklands network is accessible to all telecom operators and provides freedom of choice for both the residential and commercial clients in the area.
If you are a telecom operator or a commercial/residential client and would like to discuss access to the Docklands network or plans for the area please contact Emmanuel Kennedy at Novegen.
Emmanuel Kennedy
Director of Operations
T: 01-9058038


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