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Dublin City Council (DCC) has an Open Access telecommunications infrastructure based on the provision of duct access within the Dublin Docklands area. Duct connectivity can be leased as per a published rate cards (see below). The aim is to make the Docklands the best place for businesses dependent on high quality telecommunications connectivity to be based.

Novegen is the Telecommunications Agent for the Docklands Network.

The network is available to all, i.e., telecom operators and other interested parties, on the same basis thus promoting competition. The network design is based on micro-duct, sub-duct, and duct connectivity. This allows us to provide cost effective and high-capacity access networks that are designed with future requirements.

If you are a telecom operator or a commercial/residential client and would like to discuss access to the Docklands network or plans for the area please contact Dublin City Council's Telecoms Unit at

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